JINLING-850-I Anesthesia Unit


Anesthesia ventilator: built-in 8.4 inch color TFT display,able to display Pressure-Time, Frequency-Time, Pressure-Volume,Frequency-Volume and any two waveforms simultaneously on screen.

High precision five-tube flowmeter: O2:0.1 ~ 10 L/min, N2O: 0.1 ~ 10 L/min, Air: 0.1 ~ 10 L/min

Ventilation modes: A/C, IPPV, SIPPV, VCV,IMV, SIMV, manual, Standby

Sigh: 70 ~ 150 times adjustable

Inhaled oxygen concentration monitor: 21 ~100

Vaporizer: two vaporizers PA-I  (Enflurane/ Isoflurane / Sevoflurane) (Optional:Halothane),  withself-compensating functionality.

Alarms: audible and/or visual alarms fortidal volume, airway pressure, oxygen concentration, asphyxia, power failure,oxygen failure and other alarms, also features a alarm query function.