XM5000B X-ray Radiograph System

Usage of 500mA Radiography X-ray System

This X-ray equipment must only be operated bythe professional who has necessary radiation knowledge and get professionaltraining.   

This machine is used to photograph patient'sesophagus, chest, gastrointestinal, abdomen, limbs etc for common radiography,Beam Limiting Device radiograph and high KV radiography.

Specification of 500mA radiography X-ray System

Power Output    


 X-ray Tube  

Rotary anode

Commute Method      

Full Wave Commutation


Features of500mA Radiography X-ray System 

Anti-electroshock, radiation-proof,and full wave commutation. 

With electromagnetism controllingsystem, fluctuation bed board and manual operation pillar to ensure a fastand reliable location.  

Structure designed based on anthroponomy,with beautiful appearance, and easy to operate. 

Convenient to take stretcherphotograph.  

A sternum plank is optional (griddensity: 40L/cm; grid ratio:  10:1; focus distance: 120cm;stationary,dimension: 15*18,  and distance adjustable)